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Agricultural production factors intensification in North-Eastern Montenegro

The paper discusses the factors of intensification of agricultural production in north-eastern Montenegro, for example the municipality of Berane, Andrijevica and Plav. Replacement of worn-out machinery and provision of enough high-performance tractors and other modern agricultural machinery necessary for the farms is the determinant for the smooth and timely performance in Polish, and other works, which follow the activities in agricultural production. The rapid spread of pests and diseases threatening agricultural production, and it is not possible to save without adequate protective equipment. The process of introducing high-yielding varieties of crops and purebred livestock in agriculture proceeded with a delay compared to other parts of the country. Production potential of new varieties can be used only by applying the varietals crop management, training of producers and knowledge transfer in agriculture. Spatial distribution of different types of crop rotation is determined by size of household, crop structure and intensity of crop production. In the cultivation of agricultural land, reclamation could adopt measures, in order to improve properties of agricultural land in the subject area and to improve and maintain water-air regime of soil. Spatial distribution of available water for irrigation is very unfavourable. Contemporary and future use of land resources requires a new approach that should enable the application of scientifically based methods to use in the process and in the process of its protection.

Keywords: North-eastern Montenegro, agriculture, machinery, chemicals, selection, crop rotation, land reclamation