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Jonathan E. T. Kuwornu- Adjaottor
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Jonathan E. T. Kuwornu- Adjaottor
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Contemporary prophetism in Kumasi: a socio-cultural and theological assessment

The Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre is one of the largest and growing neo-prophetic movements in Kumasi. Using it as a paradigm for a new strand of Pentecostal Christianity in Ghana which is attracting a considerable number of following because of the prophetic unction on their leaders, the author contends that responding to the call to become a prophet goes with certain demands which make deep inroads into one’s inward and outward life; as such, contemporary prophets should take advantage of the ministerial formation facilities available in Ghana, to consolidate their prophetic gifts and the discipleship training they receive from their mentors, and they will make greater impacts.

Keywords: Prophetism, neo-prophetism, prophecy, prophet, prophetic training, Ghanaian Christianity.


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