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Nduonofit Larry-love Effiong
Nkpah Young Aakpege
Ekpenyong Otu Anthony
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Nduonofit Larry-love Effiong
Nkpah Young Aakpege
Ekpenyong Otu Anthony
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Post graduate students’ study habits in two Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

In recent time, the poor performance of students’, especially post graduate students of higher institutions has become a source of worry. Students study habits and access to internet facilities, definitely should enhance students’ performance in higher institutions, but the reverse is the case. In most cases, the allotment of time to studying and the methodology employed are fundamental recipes to academic performance. The study is an examination of Post Graduate Students’ study habits in two Nigerian tertiary institutions, viz; University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) and Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST). The study examined study habits on the basis of Time/period of study, duration, place of study, materials used for study, and their main motivators. A total of five hundred and twenty-nine questionnaires where used for the study (Two hundred and fifty-eight questionnaires for UNIPORT, and two hundred and seventy-one for RSUST). A qualitative approach, simple percentage was used in analyzing the data. Findings show that the study habits of Post graduate students’ of both institutions are however synonymous. It also reveals that access to, and usage of internet facilities by Post Graduate Students’ of both institutions is relatively low. Further findings reveal that there is no gender disparity in the study habits of the Post Graduate Students’. It is recommended here that University libraries in Nigeria should be upgraded and standardized to meet international standards so that students can feel comfortable using it. Again, Nigerian Universities should take ICT seriously, so as to expand ICT- based knowledge and access in Africa.

Keywords: Study habits, Post Graduate, Tertiary institutions, Academic Performance,