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Research Articles

Partha Sarathi Choudhuri
Service quality gap between expectation and perception of the customers of life insurance corporation of India in Burdwan
Herald J. Mkt. Bus. Mgt. [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [001 - 009] Size 1114kb

Tarus BenjaminT Kipchumba
Effectiveness of the 360-degrees appraisal tool in human resource practice in Kenya
Herald J. Mkt. Bus. Mgt. [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [010 – 021] Size 122kb

Kofi Poku and Mark K. Ampadu
The influence of advertisement on customer loyalty in the telecommunications industry in Ghana:a case study of Kumasi metropolis
Herald J. Mkt. Bus. Mgt. [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [022 - 033] Size 169kb

Kofi Poku and Eric Owusu
The relationship between humorous television advertisement and viewer persuasion
Herald J. Mkt. Bus. Mgt. [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [034 –038] Size 71.9kb

Tarus Benjamin Kipchumba
The challenges encountered in application of employee selection methods at the Eldoret municipal council, Kenya
Herald J. Mkt. Bus. Mgt. [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [039 – 045] Size 92.1kb


Research Articles

Okogbenin O.B, Anisiobi G.E, Okogbenin E.A, Okunwaye T and Ojieabu. A
Microbiological assessment and physiochemical parameters of palm oil mill effluent collected in a local mill in Ovia North East area of Edo State, Nigeria
Herald J. Microbiol and Biotechnol 2014 [Abstract] [Full Text PDF] [001 - 009] Size 1.13MB


Reyes-Nava L. A. and Rivera-Espinoza Y.1
Isolation sources of bile salt hydrolase-microorganisms
Herald J. Agric. and Food Sci. Res. 2014 [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]    [049 – 054 ]
Size 90.6kb

Research Articles

Tewodros Mulualem and Negasi Tekeste
Evaluation of improved tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) varieties through participatory approach in South Ethiopia
Herald J. Agric. and Food Sci. Res. 2014 [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]    [055 – 060 ]
Size 70.3kb

N.J. Umuhoza Karemera* and Sylvestre Habimana
Effect of calcium chloride sprays on ripening, shelf-life and physical chemical proprieties of mango fruits (Mangifera indica L.) Cv.Totapuri
Herald J. Agric. and Food Sci. Res. 2014 [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]    [061 - 066 ]
Size 90.4kb

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