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Samson L. Regassa
Tesfa Geleta
Endalew Bekana
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Samson L. Regassa
Tesfa Geleta
Endalew Bekana
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Production Performance of Fayoumi Chicken Breed Under Backyard Management Condition in Mid Rift Valley of Ethiopia

This Study was conducted in the mid rift valley of Ethiopia from September 2009 to August 2010 to evaluate the production performance of Fayoumi chicken breed under backyard management conditions. A total of 350 female and 50 male two months age growing Fayoumi chicken were used for the study. The chickens were distributed to five farmer research groups (FRGs) in four districts of the mid rift valley of Ethiopia. The average age and weight at sexual maturity obtained in this study were 183.5±5.60 days and 1215±11.12g, respectively. The annual average egg production obtained was 150.47 ± 3.15 eggs/hen/year and the hen day egg production was 41.23 ± 15.97%. The mean value measurements obtained on egg weight and shape index were 44.68 ± 3.63g and 75.95 ± 2.81, respectively while the yolk weight, albumen weight, shell weight, shell thickness and yolk color were 14.54 ± 1.36g, 24.61 ± 2.67g, 5.63 ± 0.76g, 0.36 ± 0.04mm and 5.89 ± 3.58, respectively. With regard to hatchability rate 78.22% of the Fayoumi eggs set were hatched. Higher mortality rate (54.85%) was recorded in this study. The mid rift valley area of Ethiopia is agro-ecologically suitable for Fayoumi chicken breed but, effective poultry health management technique should be designed to decrease the mortality to acceptable level.

Keywords: Mid rift valley, Fayoumi, Backyard management, Production performance