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Paulinus J. Etim
Patrick Sambo Williams
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Sociometric factors as indices of ICT utilization for promoting agricultural science instruction in Secondary schools in Uyo local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The study examine sociometric factors as indices of ICT utilization for promoting Agricultural Science instruction in secondary schools. Expost-facto and quasi experimental designs were adopted and hypotheses postulated to guide the study. Three schools each were selected from the four clans that make up Uyo Local Government Area. Twelve schools were used for the survey and two for experimentation. The subjects for survey were one hundred and twenty students while hundred students were used in their intact classes of fifty students each for experimentation and control. A 15-item structured questionnaire was developed on a 4-point rating scale with responses of strongly agree, agree, disagree and strongly disagree to elicit information from the students on their nature of affiliation. An instructional package developed on cocoa processing technique produced on power point presentation package was used to treat the experimental group while the control group was taught with the expository technique. A 15-item achievement test was developed on objectives rating lettered A-D and used to examine the achievement level of learners. The data were analyzed using simple percentages and t-test statistics. Results showed a significant influence of economic status of parents, interest in fellow students’ intelligence, behavioural pattern exhibited by fellow students on their groupings on their affiliation for use of ICT resources. It also revealed a significant influence of use of ICT on academic achievement of agricultural science students. Some recommendations posited are that teachers should explore the sociometric characteristics of students and manipulate them during instructional process. Also that both teachers and students should be ICT compliant to facilitate teaching and learning.

Keywords: Socio-metric Factors, ICT, utilization, Agricultural Science, Students’ Academic Performance


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