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LIU Xian-zhao
WANG Chun-zh
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LIU Xian-zhao
WANG Chun-zh
LI Chao-kui
SU Qing
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The potential resource of halophytes for developing bio-energy in China coastal zone

Fossil fuel is being consumed rapidly and large-scale development of energy plants is very promising to solve future energy crisis. However, it is impossible to grow energy plants in arable farmland extensively in order to ensure the national food security in China. This necessitates exploiting non-cultivated coastal saline lands to produce biomass that may be converted into biofuel. Halophytes which produce plenty of biomass using saline resources may be an important source for bio-energy. This study shows the natural distribution of halophytic energy plants in coastal zone in China. Also the assessment of the potential developing halophytic energy plants in China coastal zone is carried out. Finally, several practical suggestions are offered for the future exploitation of coastal energy plants in China.

Keywords: Bio-energy, Halophytic energy plant, Coastal zone in China